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Optional marketing components

Newspaper advertising
Putting together an advertisement for your local newspaper is easy once you have an attractive photo and a good description of your home. The ad will cost some money, but bear in mind that any marketing expenses will be more than covered if your property sells and you save a substantial amount of money in commission. Although many buyers use the Internet to search for homes, the majority of them also use the local newspapers. Newspaper advertising remains a highly effective and relatively inexpensive marketing tool.

Useful hints for writing your newspaper ad:

Make sure that your newspaper as has the following content:

A virtual tour of your home
If you have the video equipment and skills, you might want to create a virtual tour of your home. This marketing tool is increasingly being used by sellers to market their property as it allows buyers to get a good sense of the dimensions of a home and how the space of the property has been utilised. Once your virtual tour has been produced it can be uploaded to the SalePartners web site.