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Pricing reports

What's your home worth?
Instant, Accurate, Pricing Reports

The fair market value of your home is a moving target. You have to aim carefully to capture the most accurate estimate of what your home is worth at this moment, under these market conditions. This home value estimator does exactly that. It arms you with current prices for properties that have just sold, prices for houses that are under contract, and prices of houses now on the market. All of this equips you to set the right price for right now.

This invaluable report enables you to:

Valuation Report

Our Valuation Report gives you the Estimated Market Value of your home, a range, and a confidence score.

Property Estimate

Sale Partner, in association with Lightstone, is proud to bring you EstiMate – our new service that approximates the value of your property. And best of all, EstiMate is free as long as you're the property owner (excluding properties registered in closed corporations or trusts).

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Price: R4000.00 *One free pricing report is included in every home selling package  

About Our Reports

Our home value estimator is powered by RELAR, which pulls data from public records, Multiple Listing Services for many major markets, and other sources to provide the most relevant and current information about your market. The estimated home value is generated by RELAR's automated valuation process. Like all automated value estimates, the estimator is not an appraisal and should be used as a guide for pricing in conjunction with your own knowledge of your neighborhood and market. An appraisal conducted by a certified appraiser is the most authoritative estimate of current market value, and can equip you with maximum negotiating power.

Please note, reports are available for properties located within the US ONLY.
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